Welcome to our website for NAI’s revised interpretive standards!

Greetings! Though the comment period has closed (as of August 31, 2018), you are still welcome to peruse this site, read others’ comments and learn about our proposed professional standards.

To begin, please pick from one of the subcategories*:

General interpretation: These standards affect many types of interpreters and exemplify best practices in evaluation, program delivery, themes, storytelling, etc.

Interpretive Media: These practices have to do with exhibit design, interpretive writing, editing, digital media & design.

Interpretive Management: Standards which concern supervision, HR, communication, advocacy, mentorship and volunteers.

Interpretive Planning: Practices that affect the development of site wide interpretive plans, desired potential visitor experiences, & social science.

Interpretive Training: Standards which speak to an interpreter’s ability to utilize adult learning principles, lesson planning, different teaching techniques and facilitation.

Other: Practices that were found within the data collected but don’t typically fall into one of the above categories and/or may not be something NAI would certify in. Examples include things such as animal husbandry, retail and media relations.

*: Note that these categories do not necessarily represent a certain NAI profession or certification, but rather a set of knowledge or skills.


This initial comment period will be open until August 31, 2018 after which time your comments will be synthesized and discussed for our final updated list to be announced in New Orleans at our national conference!